Uncovering insights into what is driving sales & marketing results. We then create valuable performance and compensation design strategies to better achieve your goals.


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Serving Wall Street, Financial Services, and Other Industries

Market Research

Tasnady & Associates is deeply experienced in Marketing, Sales, Performance, and Human Resources to assist business leaders and their staff teams  in shaping sales force and prospective client motivation towards the behaviors that are creating results.

Uncovering Customer & Service Performance Insights
  • Customer Market Research
  • Statistical Analysis & Modeling
  • Marketing Strategy & Design
Specific Services - Market Research & Analysis
  • Survey Design - email, telephone, written
  • Focus Groups - design and moderation
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Behavioral Linkage and Statistical Analysis
Sample Applications
  • Customer Behavioral Modeling
  • Prospect & Client Segment Research
  • Competitive Comparisons & Benchmarking
  • Service-Level Assessment & Tracking
  • New Product Testing
  • Branding Research



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