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Compensation 2015


...How much am I going to be paid this year? It's a question advisors ask themselves when they first glimpse changes to their firms' compensation plan .....

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In The News

Morgan Stanley Tweaks Bonus Plan; Adds Sports, Entertainment Group

...“It's a big company, so even a modest change can add up,” said compensation consultant Andy Tasnady of Tasnady Associates in Port Washington, .......

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UBS, Merrill increase bonuses for new assets and banking referrals

...“That's always an area of focus and contention — how fast and how far to promote the lending aspect of the bank,” said compensation consultant Andy Tasnady of Tasnady Associates. “It's a careful calibration for encouraging it without pushing it too far.” ...

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Tasnady & Associates sharpens firm's



How Do You Design Competive
Sales Compensation

• Uncover key sales insights
• Specify targeted sales behaviors and performance levels
• Balance pay mix elements
• Design compelling compensation vehicles
• Maximize clarity and appeal of sales plan and communications

How Do You Conduct Effective
Market Research
• Uncover key market insights
• Design research and tracking
• Conduct qualitative and quantitative research
• Conduct competitive analyses
• Advise on marketing strategies

Tasnady & Associates, among its industry knowledge is particularly experienced in Financial Services, and notably the specialized field of brokerage compensation.

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