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Uncovering insights into what is driving your sales & marketing results.
We create valuable performance and compensation design strategies to better achieve your goals.

Tasnady|Associates sharpens firm's decision-making...

How Do You Design Competive
Sales Compensation


doneUncover key sales insights
doneTarget sales behaviors and performance levels
doneBalance pay mix elements
doneDesign compelling compensation vehicles
doneMaximize clarity and appeal of sales plan and communications

How Do You Conduct Effective
Market Research


doneUncover key market insights
doneDesign research and tracking
doneConduct qualitative and quantitative research
doneConduct competitive analyses
doneDesign and advise on marketing strategies

Our Experience

Tasnady & Associates, founded in 2002, draws on a team of specialized resources deeply experienced in the direct skills and industry knowledge necessary to successfully complete specialized projects.

Tasnady & Associates has industry and firm experience working with a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

In The News

Tasnady & Associates, among its industry knowledge is particularly experienced in Financial Services, and notably the specialized field of Wealth Management compensation.

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Dec 2023 - Wells Fargo Heaps Pressure on Smaller Producers, Keeps Core Pay Grid Intact

The bank’s financial advisors will likely be relieved by the absence of significant cuts, according to compensation consultant Andrew Tasnady. ...

The decision to stick with a largely unchanged compensation plan is a positive sign for the firm and one that will likely be viewed as a positive by advisors, according to Andrew Tasnady, owner of compensation consulting firm Tasnady Associates....

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Oct 2023 - Merrill Lynch Extends ‘Olive Branch’ to Brokers with 2024 Comp Plan

Fewer brokers are likely to be penalized by the plan, said Andrew Tasnady, a compensation consultant who has worked with multiple brokerages to set compensation plans.

“There’s less downside for a much larger number of people, and the rewards at the very top for some are higher, more attractive, but harder to get,” Tasnady said. ...

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July 2023 - This simple move could be worth millions for wealth management firms

Andy Tasnady, a compensation consultant who is the owner of Tasnady & Associates, said in an interview that he had noticed some firms attempting to rein in and standardize pricing, which can vary widely among accounts.

"It is a large opportunity area, and a very important one," Tasnady said of fee discipline, adding that he sees some firms incentivize it with punitive policies around "discount sharing," where an advisor who offers a discount to please a client will then be paid less than usual for that account. ....

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