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Compensation 2016


...For many advisors, the guide to their firm's compensation plan seems to get longer every year. Some advisors joke that they have to rifle through dozens of pages just to find out where their pay has been cut. .....

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The impact of the DOL’s fiduciary rule on adviser recruitment and pay
Jan 2017

.... “They issued strong language on not using back-end bonuses that might encourage recently hired advisers to push clients too hard or inappropriately into new sales or revenue generating situations,” said Andy Tasnady, managing partner of Tasnady & Associates, a strategic consultancy specializing in compensation. ....

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Wells Fargo to End Broker Bonuses Tied to Loan Sales
Dec 2016

...."With the difficulties at Wells Fargo, there might be some heightened sensitivity to the shape of those bonuses," said Andy Tasnady, head of a compensation consulting firm. ....

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Merrill, Morgan unveil comp plans, but advisers should expect changes
Dec 2016

...."Will there be a challenge with everyone signing these best interest contracts? In other words, will there be a change in client acquisition and retention?" Tasnady asks. "That's when you should look for them to make potential changes to the compensation structure." ....

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Investment banking versus wealth management: Which pays the most?
Nov 2016

....“These are not exact calculations from any one data set or survey, but reflect our experiences in designing compensation plans for regional and national employee-based wealth advisory firms over the years,” said Andy Tasnady, managing partner of Tasnady & Associates, a strategic consultancy specializing in compensation ....

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Tasnady & Associates sharpens firm's



How Do You Design Competive
Sales Compensation

• Uncover key sales insights
• Specify targeted sales behaviors and performance levels
• Balance pay mix elements
• Design compelling compensation vehicles
• Maximize clarity and appeal of sales plan and communications

How Do You Conduct Effective
Market Research
• Uncover key market insights
• Design research and tracking
• Conduct qualitative and quantitative research
• Conduct competitive analyses
• Advise on marketing strategies

Tasnady & Associates, among its industry knowledge is particularly experienced in Financial Services, and notably the specialized field of brokerage compensation.

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